Campus Impact

One of Online Duke’s primary objectives is to support faculty projects and experiments that promote teaching innovation. Duke faculty are engaged in a range of online education initiatives, including open online courses that reach thousands of students worldwide, for‐credit campus courses that mix online and in‐person teaching activities, and small classes using videoconferencing to bring students at different universities into collaboratively taught courses.

Teaching in lab

In three years, Online Duke has supported 42 instructors across 33 departments to develop 38 online projects; 12 more are in development for the 2015-2016 academic year. Duke faculty have developed 31 open online courses and revised 20 on-campus courses using online education.

Faculty have used their online education activities to improve campus education by flipping courses, increasing student engagement and active learning in courses, adding project work to courses, gathering feedback for course improvement, trying new tools and teaching techniques, extending curricular offerings, carrying out research on teaching and learning, training graduate students, and engaging with colleagues in discussions about teaching and learning.