Building Your New Podcast

Building Your New Podcast


Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University


Instructed by the co-producer of the hit storytelling podcast, ArtCurious, this course will introduce podcast newcomers to the world of creating their own nonfiction audio shows that attract subscribers and entertain listeners. From narrative-centered series’, to interview-driven conversations, to unconventional takes on the format, the class will focus on helping to familiarize students with the podcasting universe, develop strong concepts, build episodes within that concept, and apply appropriate creative steps to tee the podcast up for success.

While some technical aspects of audio production may be covered as part of the curriculum, this class is aimed primarily at uncovering the intangible aspects of creating a unique and compelling show for both broad and highly defined audiences, and the process of doing so from the ground up. Students are highly encouraged to bring samples of their work to share with the class, but no previous experience is required.


Josh Dasal

Instructor; Continuing Education Coordinator, Center for Documentary Studies

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