Introduction to Chemistry: Structures and Solutions

This is the second part of a two-part introductory course for students with limited or no background in chemistry; it may be taken independently of the first part as much of the material is modular in nature. In this part of the course, atomic and molecular structures, interactions of atoms with light, phases of matter, solutions, and quantitative chemical problem solving are emphasized. The goal of the course sequence is to prepare students for further study in chemistry as needed for many science, health, and policy professions. Topics include introductions to electron configurations and transitions, Lewis dot structures, valence shell electron pair repulsion theory, phases and the energetics of phase transitions, and calculations involving gas laws and solutions.


  • Redesigned the “Introduction to Chemistry” 11-week MOOC into a two 8-week MOOCs, allowing for a more modular approach as well as providing students with more learning content (2 of 2).
  • In the Spring 2014 semester, Canelas used videos to flip her on-campus organic chemistry course.
  • Awarded a grant by the  Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to analyze peer-to-peer learning in MOOCs (with Denise Comer).
  • Canelas, with Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel, leads a Bass Connections team conducting research on the effectiveness of MOOCs and other styles of online education.

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  • October 2014

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