Reasoning, Data Analysis and Writing

The courses in this Coursera Specialization strengthen students’ ability to engage with others’ ideas and communicate productively with them by analyzing their arguments,  understanding the reasons that inform their beliefs, writing effective arguments and crafting powerful prose. The Specialization concludes with a capstone project that allows students to apply the skills they have learned throughout the courses.

Students learn to:

  • Understand, evaluate and develop arguments.
  • Analyze data to make decisions and support an argument.
  • Compose an argument clearly and persuasively in writing.
  • Integrate your skills in a capstone project useful for work, school, and individual activities.


  • Multi-faculty collaboration on an interdisciplinary MOOC series where students draw upon skills gained in logic, statistical science, and writing to complete a capstone project.
  • Students completing capstone projects will receive feedback from MOOC instruction team; and students with the highest-rated capstone projects will have the option of publishing their projects on a special showcase website.



  • Philosophy
  • Statistical Science
  • Thompson Writing Program

Project Use:


Launch Date:

  • January 2015