Statistics 104: Data Analysis and Statistical Inference

Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel taught “Statistics 104: Data Analysis and Statistical Inference” as an online summer course for credit to seven Duke students. Dr. Çetinkaya-Rundel and all of the students met daily for 90 minutes using WebEx, Duke’s online conferencing service.

This course was flipped: before the class met virtually, students were required to read the text, available online, guided by extensive learning objectives and supplemented with videos. This course used a modified version of team based learning. Each unit began with a readiness assessment: 10 multiple choice questions that students answered on Sakai at the beginning of a virtual meeting; students then repeated the assessment as a team. The remainder of the class time featured students working together on application exercises and some discussion of the material. Mini-lectures were supplemented with multiple choice-questions students answered using the polling tool. In addition, students completed other assessments and handed in problem sets online using Sakai and contributed to the course Forums. Class meeting sessions were recorded for students to refer to later.


  • Used WebEx, Duke’s online conferencing service, for live online classroom sessions.
  • Flipped the online classroom, with students using class time to collectively work through assignments via video chat.



  • Statistical Science

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Launch Date:

  • May 2013

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