Think Again: How to Reason and Argue

“Think Again: How to Reason and Argue” was a Coursera course created by Walter Sinnott-Armstrong and Ram Neta (UNC-Chapel Hill). Students learned simple but vital rules to follow in thinking about any topic at all and some common and tempting mistakes to avoid in reasoning. The course discussed how to identify, analyze, and evaluate arguments by other people (including politicians, used car salesmen, and teachers) and how to construct arguments in order to help one decide what to believe or what to do.

In 2016, “Think Again” was recreated as a series of four shorter, on-demand courses:

Think Again I: How to Understand Arguments
Think Again II: How to Reason Deductively
Think Again III: How to Reason Inductively
Think Again IV: How to Avoid Fallacies


  • The first run of this course had the highest enrollment (226,000 total) of any Duke MOOC session to date; one of the top 10 overall highest enrollments out of the 600+ courses offered on Coursera.
  • Experimented with incorporating student-produced videos as final course assignment.
  • Translated into Chinese.
  • Online materials used to develop a hybrid version of on-campus course.
  • Part of a series of Duke courses on Reasoning, Data Analysis and Writing, one of Coursera’s first ten Specializations.

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Ram Neta (UNC-Chapel Hill)

Ram Neta (UNC-Chapel Hill)


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  • November 2012