Tropical Parasitology: Protozoa, Worms, Vectors and Human Disease

“Tropical Parasitology: Protozoans, Worms, Vectors and Human Diseases” presents information on important human parasites. The specific parasites for discussion include malaria, trypanosomiasis, toxoplasmosis, cestodes (Taenia saginata, Taenia solium, and Echinococcus), trematodes (Schistosoma and Fasciola), nematodes (Ancylostoma/Necator, Strongyloides, filariasis, and Ascaris), and ectoparasites. The course features field demonstrations film on location in Tanzania and clinical presentations of parasitic illness, including their life cycles, vectors of transmission, distribution and epidemiology, pathophysiology and clinical manifestations, treatment, and prevention and control.


  • Duke’s first MOOC developed with an international partner, the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College (KCMUC) in Tanzania.
  • Duke’s John Barlett co-teaches the course with two KCMUC faculty, Franklin Mosha and Mramba Nyindo; two additional KCMUC instructors, Jovin Kitau and Johnson Matowo, also contribute to the course’s lecture videos.


Franklin Mosha

Franklin Mosha

Mramba Nyindo

Mramba Nyindo


  • Duke Global Health Institute
  • Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College

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  • February 2015

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