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Online Duke supports research on digital and online education initiatives in order to better understand student experiences, advance undergraduate teaching and learning, and evaluate the effectiveness of new pedagogical approaches.

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On-Campus Impacts of MOOCs at Duke University

student studying in libraryIn 2012, Duke University began using MOOCs to promote innovation in teaching and learning within the campus community, with the goal of importing successful new pedagogical ideas into Duke classrooms. Kim Manturuk and Quentin Ruiz-Esparza conducted a series of interviews with Duke faculty members to collect data on how MOOCs were impacting undergraduate education at Duke.

Various examples show how these instructors changed their teaching approach in both MOOCs and traditional courses, including by improving classroom materials and activities, crafting better measures of student learning, and experimenting with new pedagogies to increase engagement and learning.

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Research Projects in Progress

Impact of Goal Visualizations in MOOCs
Kun Li and Kim Manturuk
This project uses A/B testing to assess whether students who write about their goals in a MOOC perform better on assessments than students who instead write about a neutral topic such as describing their hometown.

Pathways for Affective Learning in MOOCs
Kun Li and Kim Manturuk
This study examine four pathways for fostering affective learning in MOOCs and looks at how these experiences affect student attitudes, perceptions, and emotions.

Expanding Access to Education for People with Disabilities
Dorian Canelas, Christopher Brooks, René F Kizilcec, and Kim Manturuk
This study brings together a team from Duke, Stanford, and the University of Michigan to understand how adaptivity can reduce barriers and expand access to education for people with physical and learning disabilities.

Efficacy in Computer Science
Kim Manturuk
This project seeks to find out if online courses increase efficacy in computer science practice.

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