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Online Duke can help you experiment with online education at any scale—from a short instructional video to an entire course. Over the past five years, Online Duke has helped 72 Duke faculty create over 150 online education projects. We have experts in instructional design, video production and online course development, a state-of-the-art recording studio and video equipment for recording on location, and a variety of online tools and platforms to help you plan and produce online materials and teaching activities.

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Try Out Online Education with a First-Steps Project

We can help you develop one 5-minute video, create an online practice exercise, or host a video chat with a class at another university. No formal proposal is needed; we’ll plan the level of help and timing with you.


Create Online Content that Complements Your Teaching Goals

We can help your department or school design, develop and deliver new online modules to meet your teaching goals. Examples of modular online content might include:

  • foundational topics to prepare incoming graduate students;
  • course content for flipping classes;
  • specialized content or online learning activities co-developed with another university.

Reach a Global Audience with Coursera

Develop a course or a sequence of short courses targeted at a global audience of 20 million potential learners. Raise awareness of, and possibly generate revenue for, your department, school or program.


Conduct Research on a Massive Learner Dataset

Receive a $1,000 stipend, funding for a research assistant and expert consulting to help you with research using a set of survey data from over 50,000 people worldwide who took a free open online Duke class last year.


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