Online Duke’s experienced staff offers support for faculty and departments at all stages and scales of online education projects. We also connect you with a network of resources and support across the university, including the Center for Instructional Technology, the Office of Information Technology, and Duke University Libraries.

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Course Design and Project Planning

Get help generating ideas, creating assignments, selecting tools, and more. Our staff can:

  • Share information about successful online education projects at Duke and other universities
  • Brainstorm possible approaches for a new online ed activity, module, course or program
  • Provide estimates of time needed to carry out a project
  • Outline possible course plans and teaching strategies
  • Advise on best approaches to digital media development
  • Plan the personnel and budget needed for projects
  • Assist in developing project plans and timelines



Video and Media Production

We connect faculty with equipment and staff to help create video and media that meets your education goals, from DIY video kits to full production teams. Our staff can:

  • Offer examples of different styles of video and other multimedia materials for online course activities
  • Describe campus facilities for online materials production
  • Provide loaner equipment, software and training for self-producing digital materials
  • Coordinate media production teams, load media into a course delivery platform, and provide media storage

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Global Connections

We can provide examples and support for connecting students and instructors at Duke and around the world. Our staff can:

  • Help instructors develop and monitor new teaching techniques such as global discussion forums, video chat sessions with remote participants, auto-graded assignments, and peer review of student projects
  • Advise on best technology tools for either open access or closed access courses and materials
  • Suggest technologies and activities to connect Duke classrooms with students and faculty at international universities
  • Train teaching assistants or other contributing personnel
  • Provide review and quality assurance of materials and/or course plans



Materials and Copyright

Get help locating materials for online teaching and understanding copyright issues for text, images, and video. Our staff can:

  • Help you locate open-access materials for online courses and connect with librarians for further assistance
  • Provide guidelines for multimedia copyright in closed and open online courses
  • Recommend existing online videos, modules and course content to repurpose in Duke courses
  • Help students access specialized materials, data and software online for use in course and projects




From surveys to grant-funded research, we support efforts to assess the quality and efficacy of online educational experiences at Duke.

  • Share findings from assessment activities at Duke and other universities around the effectiveness of online education approaches
  • Help instructors articular goals and plan assessment strategies
  • Advise when IRB approvals are needed
  • Provide data available through online education platforms
  • Help summarize assessment results and suggest avenues for reporting and publication

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