Green Screen Lecture


Prep: 3-4 hours
Filming: 15-30 minutes
Editing: 30 minutes

Resources and Equipment

  • Studio with a green background
  • Studio lights
  • Video camera
  • Lavaliere microphone
  • Computer screen or monitor
  • iPad teleprompter (optional)


  • Instructor
  • Videographer
  • Video editor

How this video was made

Green screen (also called chroma key) is a technique in which a video is shot with a single colored background that can be made transparent and replaced with another video clip, graphic or still image in the editing process. Green screen makes it simple to superimpose a person or thing onto any background you choose.

This video was created in-studio using cameras, lighting and a green backdrop to produce the green screen effect. The instructor first created the script for the video, selected which images and graphics would appear in the background and determined how they would coordinate with the content. The instructor then prepared a presentation using these images using Keynote. The presentation was then filmed in front of a green screen, and the instructor read their script from a special iPad teleprompter. At the same time, the instructor manually advanced the slides in her presentation, which were recorded with screen capture software. After filming, an editor combined the video of the instructor and the background slides to create the final video.

A weatherman style green screen lecture requires more technical equipment and requires some practice on the part of the instructor. For this type of video, a special monitor shows a composite of the presenter on top of the background slide in real time for the instructor to work from.

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