Justin Johnsen

Currently I supervise our Online Course Builders (OCBs) as we assist Duke faculty to develop massive open online courses (MOOCs). Our team maintains a deep knowledge of the features of the implemented platforms and can offer suggestions on how to use online tools to achieve teaching goals. I am the primary technical liaison for Duke with the Coursera company, and I keep up to date on the latest platform features and issues to share with our CIT staff and Duke faculty.

I have previously worked closely on ‘Introduction to Genetics and Evolution’, ‘Introduction to Astronomy’, ‘Medical Neuroscience’, ‘Responding to 9/11’, ‘Understanding 9/11’, ‘Marine Megafauna | An Introduction to Marine Science and Conservation’, and ‘Tropical Parasitology’, all offered by Duke and Coursera. Each course has had a unique character that developed while building the course and blooms when the students join together to engage with the class videos, conceptual ideas, and each other. My goal is to encourage the growth of the unique learning communities that occur within each course.

My academic background is in physics (BS from the University of Minnesota) and astrophysics (MS from the University of Chicago).