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Endowed in 1924, Duke is a university with the ambition and audacity to make a global impact in our new century. We seek to grow, connect, and empower diverse and inclusive communities of excellence to enhance the creation, delivery, and translation of knowledge for a rapidly changing world. Through online learning, Duke seeks to offer flexible global learning opportunities to a wide set of students throughout their lives.

A true Duke education, for wherever you are- because your ambition knows no boundaries.
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Strategic Management for Churches

Business & Management, Religion / Divinity School
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AI Product Management

Computer Science, Engineering / Pratt School of Engineering

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why Duke?
why Duke?
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How to enroll
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We emphasize the value of fundamental inquiry and discovery.
Duke embraces openness in the pursuit of knowledge and welcomes intellectually restless students who use their talents to put ideas to the test. We view education not only as a gateway to personal development, but also as a pathway for improving society.

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We offer many kinds of learning opportunities to meet the needs of today’s learner.
Duke’s online courses and programs range from short on-demand courses to complete graduate degree programs. Explore our Courses and Programs pages to find an offering that meets your needs. Each entry includes a link to enroll or learn more about the application process. To learn about Duke’s full selection of online and on-campus programs, visit duke.edu.


A transformative educational experience for all students.

Collaborative, interdisciplinary research and learning is a hallmark of a Duke education.
At Duke, we want all students to be valued as partners in the process of inquiry and discovery, to be engaged and supported in their intellectual pursuits, and to leave Duke aware of their potential and equipped to pursue whatever path they choose.

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