About Online Duke

Online Duke is a searchable catalog of all Duke’s publicly offered online courses – both directly through Duke and those on Coursera – and online programs offered by Duke’s professional schools. From MOOCs to alumni exclusives to master’s degrees, Online Duke brings together all of Duke’s online learning in one searchable, sortable location.

Our Story

Online Duke is managed by Duke Learning Innovation. Originally conceived as a strategic initiative in 2012 to advance educational excellence through online teaching and learning initiatives, Online Duke merged in 2017 with what was then called the Center for Instructional Technology. Together, they formed Learning Innovation, a new initiative with the mission to help Duke students learn more, and help more people learn from Duke. Through online learning, we offer flexible global learning opportunities to a wide set of students throughout their lives.

More than 4 million individuals from virtually every country in the world have signed up for an open‐access online course from Duke. Duke MOOCs have seen significant enrollments from global priority areas:

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Our campus & beyond

In an ongoing intiative to drive innovation, Duke faculty are engaged in a range of online education projects, including open online courses that reach thousands of students worldwide, for-credit campus courses that mix online and live classroom sessions, and small classes via video conferencing to bring students from different universities into collaboratively taught courses.

Online Duke has supported dozens of instructors across 30+ departments to develop 77 online courses and projects.

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Opportunities for Duke Schools and Faculty

Through online learning, we offer more flexibility to Duke students, reach the extended community of alumni, engage with prospective students, and expand Duke’s educational impact globally. We work with both individual Duke faculty and Duke schools and programs to develop innovative online offerings. Our approaches are informed by data, rooted in market research, and supported by years of expertise in online course and program development.

If you are interested in developing an online course or program, please contact us.