“Our new century calls for a university audacious and visionary enough to fundamentally redefine learning and teaching in higher education. I believe Duke can and will be that university.”

- Vincent Price, President of Duke University

Advancing Excellence through Community Since 1838.

At the core of Duke's academic programs are our globally recognized faculty: researchers, scholars, artists, and innovators committed to inquiry and discovery. Ours is a community of faculty of true distinction, where distinction is understood to include both powerful intellectual creativity and the eagerness to stimulate and support the creativity of students inside and outside of the classroom.


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“MOOCs redefine what it means for a university to have impact”

Leonard White, Duke Institute for Brain Sciences

Leonard, White. Ph.D. says it’s the personal stories from students taking his massive open online course on medical neuroscience that are really important.

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“It was a natural fit to do research on the course.”

Denise Comer, Thompson Writing Program

Beyond the research data, Comer says teaching a massive group of students has given her a more expansive view of how writing works in the world ... In response, she developed an online resource to help Duke international students better understand U.S. academic writing.

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