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Statistics & Data Analysis / Open online course

Causal Inference with R – Instrumental Variables & RDD

Learn how to use the advanced methods of instrumental variables and regression discontinuity to find causal effects. >>


Business & Management / Coursera specialization

Entrepreneurial Finance: Strategy and Innovation

Learn how to advance business innovation in your company in four short courses. >>

Arts / Non-credit certificate

Building Your New Podcast

Create your own nonfiction audio show that attracts subscribers and entertains listeners. >>

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Biology & Life Sciences / Non-credit certificate

Marine Planning Process

Learn how to conduct Marine Planning in detail in this accelerated course for coastal decision makers. >>

Computer Science / Open online course

Introduction to Machine Learning

Get a foundational understanding of machine learning models applicable to a variety of industries. >>

Public Policy / Open online course

Civic Engagement in American Democracy

This course will provide you with a strong foundational introduction to U.S. politics. >>

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Computer Science / Coursera specialization

Introduction to Programming in C Specialization

Learn essential programming fundamentals. Master programming skills to solve complex problems. >>

Economics & Finance / Open online course

Fintech Law and Policy

Learn about the critical laws and regulations that apply to the growing fintech industry. >>

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Arts / Non-credit certificate

Make That Audio Doc

Learn to make short audio documentaries, starting with recording basics and ending with editing using Hindenburg software. >>

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Arts / Non-credit certificate

Family: Reinterpreting the Personal Archive

Develop documentary work by investigating your personal and family archive. >>

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Statistics & Data Analysis / Open online course

Causal Inference with R – Introduction

Learn the basic concepts behind causal inference in the first of course of the series, "Causal Inference with R." >>

Statistics & Data Analysis / Open online course

Causal Inference with R – Experiments

Learn about experiment design and working with data from experiments in the second course of the seven-part series, "Causal Inference with R." >>

Statistics & Data Analysis / Open online course

Causal Inference with R – Regression

Learn how to use regression to find causal effects in the third course of the seven-part series, "Causal Inference with R." >>

Health & Medicine / Audio / Video Collection

The Medical Professionalism Project

An innovative short film series that explores the complex expectations, challenges and responsibilities of being a healthcare professional. >>

Learn about diverse musical traditions, sound art, sonic experimentation, and acoustic phenomena in everyday life. >>

Take your first step towards a career in software development with this introduction to Java programming. >>

Business & Management / Coursera specialization

Excel to MySQL: Analytic Techniques for Business Specialization

Drive business process change by identifying & analyzing key metrics in 4 industry-relevant courses. >>

Statistics & Data Analysis / Coursera specialization

Statistics with R Specialization

Learn to analyze and visualize data in R and create reproducible data analysis reports over 5 courses. >>

Computer Science / Open online course

Programming Fundamentals

This course will introduce you to a powerful problem-solving process—the Seven Steps—which you can use to solve any programming problem. >>

Engineering / Open online course

Nanotechnology: A Maker’s Course

Get a rich understanding of the capabilities of nanotechnology tools and how to use them for nano-scale fabrication and characterization. >>

Computer Science / Coursera specialization

Object Oriented Programming in Java

Grow Your Portfolio as a Software Engineer. Learn about Object Oriented Design in four project-based courses. >>

Business & Management / Open online course

Electric Industry Operations and Markets

Learn how electricity is generated, brought to customers, and prices. >>

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Coming soon

This course is for activists, artists, and thinkers who wish to better understand and participate in social change. >>

Humanities / Open online course

Think Again I: How to Understand Arguments

"Think Again I: How to Understand Arguments" is the first in a series of four short courses that teach simple but vital rules to follow in thinking... >>

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