Christian Virtues for Spiritual Growth

Christian Virtues for Spiritual Growth


Duke Divinity School


This Duke Divinity+ course is for all those who seek to cultivate a more virtuous life and to develop a way of thinking about ethics inspired by Christian tradition.

In this course, renowned theologian Stanley Hauerwas reflects on the significance of specific virtues for understanding what it means to be a Christian. He examines the meaning and significance of four key virtues—kindness, hope, humility, and generosity—and their importance to living a good life.

As a course participant, you will consider challenges to living these virtues, and examine how they can be cultivated by incorporating contemplative practices in your everyday life.

Week 1 draws on baptism as our initiation into a new story and way of being in the world. You will explore the virtue of kindness through the character of God, reflected in how we treat ourselves and others. Week 2 focuses on hope, a virtue cultivated in the face of suffering. In Week 3, you will explore the virtue of humility, and reflect on the paradox that trying to be humble often ends in pride. Finally, Week 4 closes with an exploration of generosity, demonstrating how different virtues reveal the God who is unrelentingly generous.


Stanley Hauerwas
Stanley Hauerwas

Gilbert T. Rowe Professor Emeritus of Divinity and Law

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