Excel to MySQL: Analytic Techniques for Business

Daniel Egger, Director of the Center for Quantitative Modeling at the Pratt School’s Masters in Engineering Management program, and Jana Schaich Borg, a post-dotoral student in neuroscience, created a Coursera Specialization about how “big data” interacts with business, and how to use data analytics to create value for businesses. The Specialization, which was developed with support from Coursera, consists of four courses and a capstone project. Students learn to perform sophisticated data-analysis functions using the software programs Microsoft Excel and Tableau.

Airbnb, the world’s largest marketplace connecting property-owner hosts with travelers to facilitate short-term rentals, partnered with the course team to provide input on the project design. The top 10 Capstone completers each year will have the opportunity to present their work directly to senior data scientists at Airbnb live for feedback and discussion.

The Excel to MySQL Specialization has been a top-enrollment Specialization across Coursera, and its first course was Coursera’s most popular course in 2015 (measured by enrollments). Since the first Specialization course launched in September 2015, it has seen over 150,000 enrollments and received positive student reviews. See the impressive numbers behind the Specialization.

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Daniel Egger

Daniel Egger

 Jana Schaich Borg

Jana Schaich Borg


  • Pratt School of Engineering
  • Neuroscience

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Launch Date:

  • September 2015

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