Health & Well-Being Coach Training

Health & Well-Being Coach Training


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Ready to become a Health & Well-Being Coach? If you are interested in helping others to live their best life, the Health & Well-Being Coach Training is for you.

Duke Health & Well-Being’s world-class program will teach you how to dynamically engage individuals to make transformational health behavior changes that maximize their health and well-being. Based in research and years of clinical experience, the Duke Health & Well-Being Coach Training combines an online curriculum with live instructor-led training in order to accommodate the schedules of busy professionals. This combination provides students with hands-on experiential practice, preparing graduates to immediately utilize their skills.

During the Duke Health & Well-Being Coach Training you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the science of behavior change, personal health planning, the Wheel of Health, and mindful awareness.
  • Learn the essential elements of Health & Well-Being Coaching and how to apply them with individuals and groups.
  • Acquire the coaching expertise needed to successfully motivate others to adopt positive behaviors for sustainable health and wellness.

The training is available in both online-only and hybrid formats; learn more about these options.

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