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Health & Medicine / Audio / Video Collection

The Medical Professionalism Project

An innovative short film series that explores the complex expectations, challenges and responsibilities of being a healthcare professional. >>

Biology & Life Sciences / Open online course


在本课程中,学生将学习认识和应用说明人体九个器官系统中整体人体机能(作为完整有机体)的基本概念。 >>

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Business & Management / Open online course

Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Learn how to pursue sustainable innovation within the complex world of healthcare. >>

Biology & Life Sciences / Open online course

Introductory Human Physiology

Learn to recognize and to apply the basic concepts that govern integrated body function in the body's nine organ systems. >>

Biology & Life Sciences / Open online course

Medical Neuroscience

Explore the functional organization and neurophysiology of the human central nervous system. >>

Biology & Life Sciences / Open online course

The Challenges of Global Health

This course is an introduction to key challenges and concepts important to understanding the current status and determinants of global health. As g... >>

Biology & Life Sciences / Open online course

Tropical Parasitology: Protozoa, Worms, Vectors and Human Disease

Gain an understanding of important human parasitic diseases that occur in tropical regions. >>

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