Honors Chemistry

During Fall 2011, Dr. Stephen Craig taught Honors Chemistry (Chem 43) to twenty-nine students using team-based learning instead of lectures and online resources developed for Apple’s iTunes U app instead of textbook.

Craig worked with other faculty in the Chemistry department to create problem sets and activities for students to work through in small teams in class. Instead of a textbook, they curated a collection of open-source educational materials, including existing websites like The Orbitron, from the University of Sheffield, videos from MIT’s OpenCourseWare, and whiteboard animations produced by Craig himself.

Several years after implementing the new course design, Craig’s work has led to discussions in the department about how to create more online Chemistry resources and share the knowledge with students around the world.

Media & Publications:

Duke introduces course on new iTunes U appThe Chronicle (2012)
Team-Based Learning and Open Education Resources in Honors Chemistry  – Report by Duke’s Center for Instructional Technology (2012)
Honors Chemistry Without the TextbookDuke Today (2011)




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  • September 2011