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Environmental Studies / Non-credit certificates

Drones for Environmental Science

In this Duke Environment+ beginner-level course, you’ll learn how drones are transforming the environmental sciences — and how this technology can ... >>

Environmental Studies / Instructor-led courses

Quantitative Analysis of UAS Data

Gain hands-on experience with drone data and modern analytical software needed in environmental research. >>

Environmental Studies / Instructor-led courses

UAS Operations for Environmental Scientists

Learn the basics of drone flight operations, how to become legally certified, and how to fly effectively for scientific research purposes. >>

Environmental Studies / Instructor-led courses

Introduction to UAS in the Environmental Sciences

Learn the basics to becoming a scientist pilot, an aviation professional focused on providing key services to environmental programs using drones. >>

Business & Management / Self-paced courses

Electric Industry Operations and Markets

Learn how electricity is generated, brought to customers, and prices. >>

Business & Management / Self-paced courses

Renewable Energy and Green Building Entrepreneurship

Learn to launch a new business in the energy, finance, real estate, design, engineering, or environmental sectors, while also helping you create po... >>

Business & Management / Self-paced courses

Oil & Gas Industry Operations and Markets

Learn about the two most fundamental aspects of the oil and gas industry, its operations and markets. >>

Biology & Life Sciences / Self-paced courses

Chimpanzee Behavior and Conservation

Learn about the behavior and social interactions of chimpanzees, humans' closest animal relative. >>

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