Feb 21, 2017

Faculty to Develop New Open Online Courses with Duke Support

Three groups of Duke faculty will develop new open online courses in 2017 with support from Online Duke, a university initiative to support innovative online teaching and learning.

The new projects are:

All of Programming with C
Drew Hilton (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Genevieve Lipp (Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science), Anne Bracy (Cornell University)
“All of Programming with C” will be a series of short courses for beginners on how to program by teaching algorithmic thinking and implementation using C.

Addressing Climate Change with Green Building Entrepreneurship
Chris Wedding (Nicholas School of the Environment)
This course on green building and renewable energy will be part of a special Coursera initiative to offer courses to foster social impact.

Chimpanzee Behavior and Conservation
Anne Pusey, Emily Boehm, Kara Walker (Evolutionary Anthropology)
This course will highlight the work of the Jane Goodall Institute Research Center at Duke and aims to raise awareness around the world about human impacts on wildlife and the importance of conservation.

Faculty have started developing the new courses, and the first is scheduled to launch in May 2017. Each faculty member will receive an instructor incentive payment; support from staff of the Center for Instructional Technology (CIT), the Office of Information Technology (OIT), and Duke University Libraries; and other resources as necessary.

Since 2012, Online Duke has supported faculty to create over 100 projects that explore the use of online teaching strategies and technologies to promote pedagogical innovation, strengthen Duke’s global partnerships and showcase Duke’s academic excellence.

Duke faculty interested in developing an online education project, from a short instructional video to an entire course, can learn more at

Duke will support the development of several new online courses, including "Chimpanzee Behavior and Conservation,"